Claudi is some kind of incredible prodigy. With her endless energy and enthusiasm she keeps me fascinated every minute I gotta spend with her. As I know how challenging it is to keep an overpowering amount of tasks to manage each and every day I can feel her being the Head of Promotion for Napalm Records. Let’s be honest, I don’t. Cause I am not in the slightest able to answer thousands of mails a day next to all the other work.

I got a small insight in her world and now I know: I am not in any way this prospective, smart, organized and fast in handle the workload like she is. An endless inspiration, escpecially in caring about every little detail and the joy she’s showing while doing it. I am more than thankful that our ways crossed in this short time frame of the universe. Claudi is such a deep soul with so many facets and understanding that it’s more than enriching to be around her.

Thanks for your trust in me and your time!