Here we go again with amazing Anne. As she is the owner and creator of her very own brand SHITTYFUCKY she is constantly shooting photos of herself for her alternative vintage / upcycling fashion shop. To feature her designed clothings outside of her photo studio we went out to mother nature in the last flames of summer. We spent countless hours at a variety of locations and shot thousands of photos – we forgot totally about time.

It took a while to grade this richness of portraits but finally here they are. We cared a lot about details and certain moods for every little piece Anne presented. Do her a favor and head over to her website to find amazingly crafted and unique items. Shittyfucky’s approach is obviously to make a stand against fast fashion & throwaway society. Since years she’s very active on this issue in exhibitions and workshops.

Well, just one thing left to say: Support small businesses, shop small, fair & sustainable. Support SHITTYFUCKY 🖤