Now is the time to celebrate music in all its facets. More than ever. Normally we all would pump our little and big bodies to exhaustion at the insane festivals all over the world. Loudest riffs and beats; blood, sweat and tears – joy and happiness with countless of other like-minded folks. But as it is, there will be none of these glorious ecstasies this year. But! 

To bring back this unbiased delight, I’ll show you my favorite photos of stagediver and crowdsurfer on sick festivals I accompanied: WACKEN OPEN AIR, SUMMER BREEZE, WITH FULL FORCE or IMPERICON FESTIVAL – these photos originate from different occasions full of chaotic energy!

You’ll enjoy people who come together from the most various backgrounds, forgetting all their differences to devote themselves to something bigger. Passionate people, that heave fellows above all the heads of the reveling mass. A symbolic act. Freedom.