DESERTED FEAR is imho the greatest upcoming Death Metal force out of Germany. Their stunning groove and these killer riffs will shake your body endlessly after you witnessed one of their intense live shows. A band who understood the main thing in being a band: riffs, riffs, riffs! Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll comes later then.

So as they asked me to photograph them on MTV Headbangers Ball Tour (feat. Max & Igorr Cavalera playing their ROOTS record, Overkill and Insomnium) I could do nothing else than jump on my bed up and down while screaming some ROOOOOOOTS BLOODY ROOOOTS! 17 days of killer bands in a cool diversified line up.

To share a tour bus with the Finns of INSOMNIUM was some kind of a challenge though – drinking-wise. But we managed this nearly every day in best shape and the guys of DESERTED FEAR just nailed it every night. It was a really intense time packed with beautiful locations in Italy, France, Vienna and finally in London, Great Britain. Fun time and loads of memories. To save some I shot thousands of pictures of their live shows. Here you go with my favorite 60 of them.

The rooting:

27.11.2017 DE Stuttgart Lka
28.11.2017 DE Leipzig Hellraiser
29.11.2017 DE Hamburg Große Freiheit
30.11.2017 DE Berlin Huxleys
01.12.2017 DE Geiselwind Christmas Bash
02.12.2017 CZ Zlin Winter Masters of Rock
03.12.2017 AT Vienna Gasometer
04.12.2017 DE Munich Backstage
05.12.2017 IT Milan Live Club
06.12.2017 FR Istres Lùsine
07.12.2017 CH Pratteln Z 7
08.12.2017 DE Oberhausen Ruhrpott Metal Meeting
09.12.2017 DE Gießen Hessenhallen
10.12.2017 BE Antwerpen Trix
11.12.2017 DE Saarbrücken Garage

12.12.2017 UK London Forum