Finally these beautiful portraits see the light of day: Say hello to the amazing artist Chey aka Chellyn Pekker (check the link to see some crazy wild, colourful paintings and digital work). I’ve already met her last year. Originally we wanted to shoot portraits in a duckweed seamed lake. But as it’s been way too cold we switched to this burnt farmyard in my native village. So we stepped into the first room of the whole complex and it turnt out to be the best decision: the contrasts of the run-down wallpaper fitted perfectly to her playful hair colour.

Unfortunately my external hard disk drive crashed after that and I’ve lost all of the original photos. I’ve just slightly edited a choice to show her. And that’s all I got. As you can imagine I was really disappointed and haven’t shared any of these til today. But I really liked the vibe of the shooting and the outcome even though you’ll see here just a really rough edit. Or let’s say: moody!

Thanks so much for your time and trust Chey!