Welcome Kate Kaputto – model, host (radio, TV, stage, podcast), DJane, talker and singer. She was so spunky to take part in my first portrait shooting ever and I’m really thankful for that ♥

As I am doing mainly concert, festival and tour photography I was a bit dissatisfied of the limits these shootings bring along. You have a special situation in which passionate people freak out while living their dreams. Super intense emotions, much movement and incredible gestures and facial expressions.

Good fodder. But I wanted more. Something where you have to be more creative with the setting and the inner self of a human being that is not set in this shiny context. So I felt the urge of doing portrait photography cause this seems to me – for now – to be the hardest task in terms of photography. There are so many things to respect like light, position, perspective, background, framing, gesture or the hardest part: the facial expression. It’s all about searching for the pure and honest look without inhibitions. To find a balance, inner peace, the true self. Or creating emotions that weren’t there before. To dig in memories, to search for parts of the soul that are hidden somewhere. And then there are milliseconds where this signs off on the face. To capture these little moments in time is such a challenge – that’s why I am addicted to find these.

I am extremely happy that Kate was the first one to offer me her time to experiment with this. We shot about a thousand pics and here are the best 14 of her and her cute pug Puhbert. She is an incredible human being with so many facets. Since ten years she has been a host for different radio stations (a tough job!) and still is. In the middle of it she bounced into hosting TV and web shows (like her own podcast called “Kopf & Herzlos”  with two friends – can just recommend it!) as well as events like tattoo conventions or the METAL HAMMER Awards. And she is marvelous doing it! Besides being a singer for Willie Tanner and talker for commercials she is a pretty well booked DJane since five years. And that’s massive ’cause she’s always on the run. Nearly every night she’s dancing her ass off and next day she’s again doing the daily routine of freelancing madness. Kudos! Among others she played With Full Force Festival and was the opening act for AC/DC!!! So who can claim to have played with these legends?

People like her are an endless inspiration for me. Especially how they juggle with so many different passions, assignments and activities. It’s never easy being a freelancer, especially when there are so many clients that want completely different things. Switching between these tasks is sometimes really hard to manage, to keep your mind focussed. I know how this feels. And you have to stay highly informed about all the scenes you enter. So please give it up for Kate Kaputto and enjoy this photo series ✌