Patrick Krug is a not only a premium guy to be around. He is also the singer of the German Metalcore band ONCE WE KILLED. Besides being my flatmate for five years he is a male nurse in a hospital in Berlin. And that’s pretty rad – I got much respect for that!

You can imagine that this guy knows how to care about people. That’s why he’s a born-and-bred socializer. So normally he is full of joy and always laughing. But for his portrait shooting we headed for a different kind of vibe: Worn out in the middle of Berlin’s claustrophobia.

With this shoot I tried something else. We shot over 800 pics on several different locations. I experimented a lot with perspectives, framings and settings. In the end I just wanted to publish the very very best of these 800 pics an it turnt out that these are only 10. We have like six times as much up our sleeves but I wanted to show just these with which I am 100 per cent confident. And here we are. I got also a title for this series in my mind: “Berlin Boredom”. Enjoy!