Here we got Anne aka Maze Of Photography aka SHITTYFUCKY. As Maze she is a wonderful (often analog) photographer with an exciting approach. Shittyfucky is her very own brand of renewed vintage cloths, own designs, handmade jewelry and all in all sweet stylezzz. You better check that sh*t out!

And – most important: Anne is by far one of the most beautiful souls I know. Her hardihood to open herself up to every thought imaginable – to dive deep into them and absorb them – removed the scales from my eyes so many times. I am really thankful to have her in my life as she presented me whole new levels of understanding and living in this strange universe.

In early 2018 we did a sweet trip to good ol’ Hamburg to see our beloved band Highly Suspect. As we got some time in the Kiez we enjoyed taking photos without any plan. Just as it went by. And here’s the clue: that’s the kind of shooting I love the most. Cause spontaneity transforms into pretty art. And that’s what life always holds for everyone – change out of nothing.

Hope you enjoy ✌

One of my next blog posts will show the best photos we did for her shop SHITTYFUCKY on several shootings. Stay tuned!