Tanya Shatseva is an artist who keeps on impressing me since years. Her metaphysical art of surreal illusions – packed into bright and colorful fairy-tales – is simply out of this world. I can’t put into words how much inspiration I get out of her stunning artworks. Have a look to explore your fascination:


When she came to Berlin nearly two years ago I just asked her for a lil portrait shooting and to my surprise she went for it! I am enormously happy about our meeting. We shared some sweet talks about the long and hard way of becoming artists, about focus and discipline, about conception and what’s spirituality or if it even exists. Honestly, I am not too confident with the photos as I felt really unable to capture her magic. I was in awe of her aura and strength and so I didn’t take too many photos.

But at least we got something and had a great talk 🙂

So enjoy – especially her art if you head over to her site!