I had the immense pleasure of touring with Der Weg einer Freiheit for a weekend in beautiful France. We started in Karlsruhe, went to Tyrant Fest in Oignies and then to Grillen in Colmar (16th til 18th of November 2018). It’s always such a mindfuck to witness their highly emotional black metal songs live in concert. Often I come out of hypnosis, finding myself agape while forgetting to use the camera. On top they are – as well as the crew – so lovely human beings. We always have the best times on tour, can’t stop smiling while writing this.

So I shot thousands of photos but try to share just a few. For the first time in my photographic life I found some kind of lo-fi edit that really fits to the band. Over the years I searched for the right way to fuck up my photos and now it finally worked out. I’m pretty happy with that. See this below after some backstage and live impressions.

And now: tune in ‘Aufbruch’ of Der Weg einer Freiheit and forget your tiny little life ✌