I know Kathrin from working in the same spot for the trials and tribulations of the music industry. But that’s some years ago. So at a little party she asked me for photos she could use for job applications. I immediately said yes cause I always wanted to shoot her. She is such a sweet soul, laughing so often and honestly with such a great sense of humour that it’s always a pleasure to be around with her. But then I thought: damn, this will be tough. Cause normally I don’t have too much to do with the regular styles and concepts of the job market. I don’t know what’s allowed and what’s not but fortunately even this part of life eases its sternness.

Then Kathrin proposed to check out the Botanical Gardens of Berlin – best choice! We went there unknowingly of what to expext and were overwhelmed by the endless chances to shoot there. So here is just a small choice of tons of pics we shot there. Hope you enjoy – we did! 🙂